The traditional cuisine of Nazaré is characterized by fish and shellfish dishes of several species and preparation manners.

The “Caldeirada” (fish stew), the grilled fresh fish (sardines, horse mackerels, golden-breams and rock basses, etc.), the “Massa de Peixe” (sort of fish soup with small noodles) with rock bass or seabream, are the most emblematic specialities.

The gastronomic offer also includes dishes like “Arroz de Marisco” (shellfish rice), “Açorda de Marisco” (shellfish bread panada), “Arroz de Tamboril” (monkfish rice) and Cataplanas (with fish or/and shellfish), among others; shellfish like cockles, clams, shrimps and spider crabs are part of the specialities. All of these delicacies can and should be enjoyed in one of the many restaurants in the village.

Difficult to find in restaurants, but much appreciated and known to everyone is sun-dried fish: horse-mackerel and sardines, octopus and dogfish, among others – half-dried (enjoados) or dried; it can be purchased for consumption at home, on the Marginal, in front of the Cultural Centre, in the "Drying Ground"(Estendal), part of the Sun-dried Fish Museum – Living Museum.

Támares, Sardines (sweets) and Nazarenos are the most important sweet pastries that can be tasted in the many confectioners and pastry-shops of Nazaré.


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